Yuvraj Verma 

Doctoral Student 

My Story 

Current Role and Duties:

It's a job Yuvraj Verma has right now, but he's also working on a doctorate at William Howard Taft University. Verma worked as a learning specialist before she taught kindergarten and fifth grade. In his job as a learning specialist, Verma gets to work with students to make sure they get the help they need to learn. Verma is happy to help students who are new to coding because he thinks they can use the skills they learn in coding in other parts of their lives.
As a teacher, Verma knows how important it is to be flexible and work within the limits of the current educational system. Yuvraj Verma, like many teachers in the United States, has had to switch to teaching students online. He has welcomed the challenge by coming up with new ways to keep students involved from afar.


Yuvraj Verma decided to keep going to school after he finished his undergraduate work. Starting work on his doctorate in technology and leadership at William Howard Taft University was the best choice for him. Verma knows that being a school leader can help his students and other staff members and that learning the most up-to-date technology can help him pass on information that will help them do well in their future education and careers.

Awards and praise:

He got a 50% scholarship from the Roger J Duthoy Scholarship Program at William Howard Taft University. Verma said that he was excited to be able to lead students and teach them about technology because technology skills are important in today's increasingly digital world.

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